To download a complete, printable copy of the Agreement and Rental Guidelines, please click here.


    For events occurring on Saturday:

    Event Space: $4800

    The standard rental period for a Saturday event is five hours of event time with a guaranteed three hour set up time and one hour break down, for a total of nine consecutive hours, unless noted in the rental agreement.


    For events occurring on Friday or Sunday:

    Event Space: $3900

    The standard rental period for an event on a Friday or Sunday is five hours of event time with a guaranteed three hour set up time and one hour break down, for a total of nine    consecutive hours, unless noted in the rental agreement.


    For events occurring Monday through Thursday after 5:00PM:

    Event Space One: $2400

    The standard rental period for an event occurring Monday through Thursday after 5:00PM is five hours of event time with a guaranteed three hour set up time and one hour break down, for a total of nine consecutive hours, unless noted in the rental agreement.


    For events occurring between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Monday through Friday:

    Event Space: $15 per person; Minimum: $450; Maximum $3000

    The standard rental period for events occurring Monday through Friday before 5:00PM are from  9:00AM to 5:00PM, including set up and break down. Entry before 9:00AM or extended time past 5:00PM will incur a charge of $150 per hour.


    Additional event hours may be added at any time before or during the event at a rate of $300 per hour. Additional hours added during the event are subject to approval by the venue manager on duty, as well as, the caterer/bartender and any other event vendor affected. All events must end by 2:00AM the morning following the start of the event.


    Additional set up hours may be purchased at a rate of $150 per hour or $500 per day. Additional set up hours are based on availability. Additional set up time may be purchased between the hours of 10:00AM and 5:00PM consecutive to the event date.


    The Gramercy reserves the right to raise rental fees on holidays, days adjacent to holidays, and days of our discretion (ex: Thunder Over Louisville, first Saturday in May and previous Thursday and Friday {Derby Week}, Sunday before Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Sunday before Labor Day, New Year’s Eve, etc.). Rental fees will not increase after the execution of a rental agreement. Please contact the office to obtain holiday pricing.


    Prices are subject to change without notice prior to the execution of a rental agreement.


    The Gramercy requires prepayment of event costs before any event occurs. A fifty percent (50%) non-refundable first payment is required at the time of contract signing in order to reserve the event space on a specific date(s). The non-refundable first payment will be applied towards the total balance due. The remaining balance is due thirty (30) calendar days prior to the event. An invoice will be sent for any costs incurred after the final balance has been paid. Additional charges may be incurred for a variety of reasons such as: additional hours added at the event, unscheduled docking fees, last-minute changes effecting personnel schedules, numerous revisions, and damage to facilities, among others. The invoiced amount will be charged to the credit card on file the following day after the invoice has been sent.


    Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are the only credit cards accepted. Charges may appear as “The Gramercy” or “Fleur de Lis Events & Design LLC”. A convenience fee of three percent (3%) will be applied to all credit card transitions, if the cardholder and card are not present that the time of transaction. Other forms of payment include cash, check, money order, or certified check. All checks should be made out to “The Gramercy.”


    All payments made, including first payments and subsequent payments, are non-refundable.


    All payments made within fourteen (14) calendar days of the event, must be paid with certified check or credit card. In the event full payment is not received by the last business day prior to the event date, the Client acknowledges and agrees that The Gramercy and Fleur de Lis Events and Design LLC shall have no further obligation to the Client; therefore, canceling the event without the return of any payments.


    The Gramercy reserves the right to assess finance charges on any amount unpaid (including damages, additional hours, etc.) when due at an interest rate of three percent (3%) per month (i.e., thirty-six percent {36%} per annum) until paid in full. In the event any check is returned for insufficient funds, a returned check fee of $100.00 will be imposed. The client will be responsible for all costs incurred in the collection of delinquent accounts, including reasonable attorney fees.


    Events booked within thirty (30) calendar days of the event date must be paid in full at the contract signing. The amount paid is non-refundable and additional payments are subject to the guidelines contained herein.

  • 3. HOLDS

    Rental spaces may be put on a five (5) business day hold without first payment. If signed contract and first payment are not received within five (5) business days, the hold will be released. Note: The Gramercy reserves the right to release the hold, after five (5) business days with or without notice.


    All payments are non-refundable.


    Should the event be canceled by the client, the client will have the opportunity to rebook a future event, applying all monies paid to a new agreement subject to any price and guideline changes, as long as the new event date is booked before the original event date. After the original event date has passed, all monies and opportunity to rebook will be forfeited. The client will only be able to cancel and rebook one time.


    If the event is canceled by the client thirty (30) calendar days or fewer before the event date, the client is responsible for any remaining balance and will have no option to rebook.


    All cancellations must be confirmed in writing by the client/rented listed on the rental agreement. Once intent of cancellation has been received by The Gramercy, the cancellation document will be sent for acceptance. The date of cancellation will be determined as the date the cancellation document is received back from the client.


    If any event is to be canceled or postponed due to extreme weather conditions, The Gramercy must be notified at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, if at all possible. The client will then be able to reschedule, without penalty, for another available date within six months of the original event date.


    The Client is responsible for all arrangements for food and beverage, decorations, entertainment, equipment needs, event coordination services, and other event related services. All vendors and contact information must be provided to The Gramercy at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.


    Any requests for technological services (phone line, wireless internet, etc.) must be made in advance and may be provided for a charge.


    If the Client’s event requires a permit or license from any local or state government entity, the Client agrees that it will secure all necessary permits/licenses at the Client’s expense. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of Client to know if a permit is needed for the hosted event. All special event permits and licenses need to be provided to the venue at least twenty-four (24) hours before the event start time.


    All other guidelines listed herein are the responsibility of the client.


    All standard space set up and clean up will be provided. A floor plan must be completed at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. All décor, rentals, equipment and event related items are to leave the premises immediately following the event; The Gramercy and Fleur de Lis Events and Design LLC are not responsible for items left after the event. A minimum fee of $300 will be applied if the space has not been properly cleared post-event which includes, but not limited to, trash, boxes, decor, rentals and other items without prior approval.


    A representative from The Gramercy/Fleur de Lis Events and Design LLC will be available throughout the length of your event. The venue manager will have final say on all matters dealing with or concerning the venue and property.


    The Gramercy is located in a mixed-use building. Due to the nature of the building and space, the Client agrees to let the venue manager monitor and control all sound levels, especially if they disturb other building occupants or concurrent events.


    Rehearsals for ceremonies may be scheduled based on the availability of the venue. There is a $100 rehearsal fee and the Client will be guaranteed at least one (1) hour of rehearsal time. A rehearsal request may be placed at anytime after the execution of this agreement, but will be subject to availability until (30) days prior to the event date.

  • 10. PARKING

    The Gramercy does not have free or designated parking for Clients or Clients’ guests. Parking can be found east of the 620 Building in surface lots and street parking. Any parking fees incurred are the responsibility of the Client or the Clients’ guests. A limited number of handicap parking spaces are available on the south side of the 620 Building. These spaces are not able to be reserved and are available at a first-come, first serve basis.


    All renters of the venue are strongly encouraged to have event insurance, but it is not required. Please know the Client is responsible for all actions of their guests and vendors. Any damages caused by guests or vendors will be the responsibility of the Client.


    All caterers, bartenders and asked vendors are required to furnish a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming “Fleur de Lis Events and Design LLC dba The Gramercy, and all its members, agents, servants and employees as additional insureds on a primary and noncontributory basis." The certificate of liability should be in the amount of at least $1,000,000. Please use the following address and send all certificates to:


    The Gramercy

    620 South Third Street Suite 200

    Louisville, KY 40202


    Copies of insurance documentation must be on file at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the event date. Failure to provide necessary documentation will result in the vendor operating at the risk of the Client; therefore, all damages and incidents will be placed on the Client. The Gramercy and Fleur de Lis Events and Design LLC may not be held liable for damages or incidents caused by the Client, guests of the Client, or the Client’s contracted/non-contracted vendors before, during, or after event.

  • 12. SECURITY

    Security personnel will be required for events hosting more than 300 guest and will be the responsibility of the Client. Confirmation of additional security must be provided at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.

  • 13. DAMAGE

    Any damage to The Gramercy, Fleur de Lis Events and Design LLC property or the 620 Building beyond normal wear and tear will be billed to the Client. The Client is responsible for the repair and/or replacement cost associated with such damage.


    The Gramercy and Fleur de Lis Events and Design LLC reserve the right to use images of your event and/or guests for marketing purposes only.


    The Gramercy will provide the following items unless otherwise specified:

    35: 60” Round Tables with 85”x85” Linens in a Choice of Colors

    1: 48” Round Table

    6: 30”x42” Standing Cocktail Tables

    20: 72”x30” Tables

    350: Mahogany Chiavari Chairs with Ivory Vinyl Cushions


    If the client chooses to add the Flipping Package for an additional cost, the following items will be included in the rental unless otherwise specified:

    One (1) Additional Hour of Event Time

    Access to the Bridal Suite and Groom’s Room at 10:00AM the Morning of the Event

    Eight (8) Sections of Ivory Draping installed In-Between Gramercy Columns

    Labor to Transition the Space from a Ceremony to a Reception


    Declining to use items included in the rental of the space or with the Flipping Package will not result in a credit or discounted rate or deduction in balance due.


    Any additions or decor provided by The Gramercy or Fleur de Lis Events and Design LLC will be based on the established points system. The points list found at is to serve as a general approximation of the number of points per item. Depending on the needs and wants of the Client some items may be more or less than the listed amounts.


    When purchasing points, The Gramercy requires a fifty percent, non-refundable, first payment of the total number of points the Client wishes to purchase. Once the first payment is received the price per point will be locked in for any additional points purchased. Any payments for points received are non-refundable and the points are non-transferable, expiring at 11:59PM on the event date. The remaining balance will be due thirty (30) days prior to the event. Full payment of points will be required if the event is less than thirty days away from the acceptance of the points proposal.


    Point purchases will be accompanied with an itemized or detailed proposal of all items being provided. All designs, design concepts, and processes are the intellectual property of Fleur de Lis Events and Design LLC and protected from reproduction within these guidelines. All non-perishable items including but not limited to glassware, containers, props, light fixtures, linens, etc., are considered rental items and must be returned to The Gramercy unless otherwise noted. Items within the proposal maybe changed up to four (4) weeks prior to the event date. Changes must be submitted in writing to The Gramercy. Any and all changes must be approved and change request may not be able to be granted.


    Designs and their descriptions may be altered at the professional discretion of The Gramercy, due to unforeseen circumstances, not limited to, acts of God, the manufacturing process, or events not controlled by The Gramercy. Any changes that are made will remain within the same design concept and price point, the client will be notified if time permits. Any changes in design that result in a refund or credit will be given within five (5) business days of the event.


    According to Kentucky State’s Alcohol Beverage Law, it is illegal to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21 years. The client renting the The Gramercy and bartender are responsible for observing and enforcing this law; The Gramercy and Fleur de Lis Events and Design LLC are not responsible. Alcoholic beverages are not to be taken outside of the 620 Building. Food and beverages must be served by licensed and insured caterer and/or bartender. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building or within twenty (20) feet of entry doors.


    All caterers and bartenders accepted into The Gramercy must have general liability insurance coverage up to $1,000,000 and must have the appropriate health/business licenses. Copies of this documentation must be on file with the venue management at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event. No personal catering by event participants will be allowed.


    All arrangements with caterers are the responsibility of the Client who will need to keep venue management informed of the caterer’s arrival time and set up needs.


    Please note that the rental times stated above include both caterer preparation and clean up. The caterer/bartender will have access to a preparation area for food staging. This area will include running water in the form of a three well sink and hand sink, work tables, and trash cans (32 gallon on


    wheels). All other equipment, including trash bags and carts, needed by the caterer will be the

    responsibility of either the caterer or Client. The caterer and bartender (and Client) are responsible for returning the preparation area back to its original condition following the event and placing all trash in the designated receptacles.


    Bartenders must follow all laws and regulations governing the sale and/or distribution of alcohol. The bartender reserves the right to refuse service to individuals appearing to be intoxicated. All bar service of beer, wine, and liquor must end at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the end of the event; the bar may remain open to serve non-alcoholic beverages until the end of the event. Self-service of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.


    The Gramercy has final approval of all vendors contracted by the client. A list of all event vendors including primary contact and contact information will be required at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. All event vendors are responsible for operating under the following vendor guidelines:


     Vendors/Client will have guaranteed access to the event space at least three (3) hours prior to   the start time of the event. Additional set up time may be allowed but it must be scheduled   within thirty (30) days prior event. Additional guaranteed setup time may be added more than   thirty (30) days prior to the event at an additional cost, please refer to section 1.


     Vendors are responsible for providing all equipment needed to load-in and load-out of the   building including but not limited to carts, dollies, ramps, ect.


     Vendors will be assessed a fine for creating preventable scratches on the floor that    may have resulted in scooting, pulling, pushing, or dragging items. Any scratch that is    deemed severe will be documented and brought to the vendor’s attention immediately, if   possible. The  vendor will then be fined based on the length of the scratch: $50 for scratches   less than one foot in length and $100 for scratches one foot in length or over. This will be   invoiced directly to the vendor. Any vendor with an outstanding fine will not be allowed into The  Gramercy until the fine is paid.


     Vendors are responsible for the set up of all event-related equipment, unless provided by The   Gramercy. All equipment and decorations must be removed immediately following the    event. The Gramercy is not responsible for the loss or damage to any equipment left in the   building. All Vendors must abide by all fire codes and regulations. The blocking of exit doors, fire    extinguishers, fire alarms, egress routes, or emergency exits is strictly prohibited. The    Gramercy staff has the final word on such matters.


     The use of sparklers, confetti, glitter, birdseed, rice, and/or anything of the sort are not allowed   inside or outside the premise. The use of any of the prohibited items, previously listed, will   result in an automatic excessive cleaning fee of at least $300.


     No items may be hung from the ceiling or walls. Nothing may be permanently adhered to any   wall, ceiling, floor, door, window, table, or chair. Any and all adhesives and tapes must be   approved by the venue manager on duty.


     All electrical and data cords must be properly secured with gaffer’s tape.


     All flames must be enclosed and clean-burning.


    The Client is responsible for the actions of any vendors or other agents, including but not limited to caterers, photographers, entertainers, decor, and audio-visual companies contracted for the event. Any damages beyond normal wear and tear will be billed to the Client; even if caused by an event vendor. Event vendor causing the said damage will not be allowed back in the facility until damage, repairs, and payments are complete.


    Each party shall indemnify and hold harmless, their agents and employees, against any and all damages, claims, or other liability due to personal injury or death, or damage to, or loss of, the property of others, arising out of its use of The Gramercy.


Guidelines effective February 2018.


Rental guidelines are subject to change at any time. Please contact The Gramercy to insure this is the most up-to-date copy.

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